Popular Menu Items in North Yorkshire Inns

Yorkshire is one of the largest counties in England. Many tourists have North Yorkshire listed on their bucket-list destinations. However, many people find identifying the foods and drinks they should try out when visiting the county quite challenging.

When North Yorkshire is mentioned, what comes across many people’s minds is the excellent Yorkshire pudding, which is a drop in the ocean compared to what the county offers. This article outlines some of the best drinks and foods to try out when vacationing in North Yorkshire.

Wensleydale Cheese

Wensleydale town is located close to Pennines, North Yorkshire. The town is known for its famous, unique tasting cheese, the best in North Yorkshire. Wensleydale’s cheese varieties range from matured to extra matured, mild, and blue or coke smoked varieties.

Because of the honey hint on the cheese, guests are encouraged to order it with a pair of sweeteners such as fruits or other seasonal products available on request. The cheese was initially only available in this River Ure dale. However, its quality has seen most creameries in the UK adopt the recipe.

Yorkshire Pudding

The Yorkshire pudding is made of eggs, flour, and milk. It is a delicacy for visiting tourists who have not had the opportunity of tasting the best pudding in the county. In historic times, the batter was kept beneath roasting heat, allowing it to spit over the oil dripping. This added flavour to the batter.

When serving dinner, there usually wasn’t enough meat to serve the number of guests checking in. As a result, restaurants in North Yorkshire decided to serve the batter as a side dish to vegetable and meat dishes to accommodate the visitors’ needs.

If you are going on a Sunday visit, we recommend that you try out the Yorkshire pudding; we are pretty certain that you won’t be disappointed.

Ginger Beer

Ginger beer was first made in the 1700s as an option for diners who wanted an alcoholic taste to complete their dining experience. The drink is similar to ginger ale. However, it is more infused with the ginger taste, making it one of the favourites among guests frequenting North Yorkshire.

In most inns and restaurants, you will find some ginger beers that are non-alcoholic for those who do not want to indulge in alcohol.